Should College Football Have A Playoff System?

Should College Football Have A Playoff System?

The 2008 college football season has reached its witching hour — actually, witching month — when top 10 teams drop like flies and the rankings turn upside down on a weekly basis. That means we, sadly, are hurtling toward the worst postseason in sports, a postseason justified by this week’s myth. [SI On Campus]

LSU Fans Still Hate Nick Saban

This could be one of the most hate-filled return homecomings for a coach in the history of college football. Nick Saban, say hello to angry LSU fan.

Even after winning a national championship post Saban, they don’t forget. [Busted Coverage]

West Texas A&M Coach Ryan Leaf In Drug Trouble

Ryan Leaf, one of the most spectacular NFL busts of all time, valiantly made his way back into football as the quarterbacks coach at West Texas A&M. Only that’s gone into the shitter now, too, as he’s been placed on administrative leave. [With Leather]

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