College Basketball 3-Point Line Pushed Back

College Basketball 3-Point Line Pushed Back

The three-point line is being moved back one foot—to 20’9″—which will spread defenses, clog the middle, turn mediocre shooters into bad ones, turn decent shooters into legends, kill the mid-majors, keep underdogs in games, eliminate furious comebacks, and make the 6’10” forward who likes to step out and take the long J obsolete. Or make him the most valuable player on the floor. You never really know with these things. [Dead Spin]

Larry Johnson Alleged Victim a Former “Women of KU” Calendar Girl?

If commenters on the Kansas City Star website are correct – and two bloggers seem to think so – then the latest alleged victim of Larry Johnson’s aggressive off-the-field issues, Ashley Stewart, was once in the “Women of KU” swimsuit calendar.

If you ask us, she kind of looks like a cross between Mya and Vanessa Minnillo.

In case you needed a refresher on LJ’s alleged courting of Stewart. [The Big Lead]

Binghamton University B-ball Player Busted Stealing 36 Condoms From Wal-Mart

What is up with athletes trying to rip off condoms?

C’mon brah, you can’t possibly be stupid enough to go five-finger discount on 36 condoms at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. That is exactly what authorities are claiming. [Busted Coverage]

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