Free Dr. Pepper Plan Revealed – Let The Spam Begin

After 14 years, Dr. Pepper is making good on its promise to give everyone a free bottle of soda with the long-awaited release of Guns ‘n Roses’ Chinese Democracy. And now we know how they’re going to do it – and no, it doesn’t involve invading a 7-11.

Instead, starting November 23rd – the same day Chinese Democracy hits stores – you can head over to Dr. Pepper’s website and enter in your information in order to receive a coupon for a free 20-oz bottle of peppery pop goodness.

Then, after four to six weeks, you’ll receive the coupon in the mail.

But here’s the catch – this wasn’t done just to simplify things, or to make life less hectic for your corner deli owner – you have to enter in your information to get the coupon.

By making people hand over their personal information to them, Dr. Pepper has turned a give-away into a marketing masterpiece: You get a free soda, they get to add millions of people to their corporate database, giving them access to all types of information about their customers along with the ability to spam the hell out of them with endless deals and promotions.

Sure, the plan’s pretty good. Too bad GNR’s new single isn’t

3 thoughts on “Free Dr. Pepper Plan Revealed – Let The Spam Begin”

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  3. Sounds good. A prefect threesome: Dr. Pepper, G 'N R and Spam………….yummy;)

    P.S. The CD is great by itself too!!!!!!!!

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