10 Classic Homecoming Moments

A Photo Collection of 10 Classic Homecoming Moments

Homecoming is always a joyous occasion for a University. It’s a time for students and alumni to rejoice and gather in a sea of parades and school spirit. Sometimes the schools go all out for their parades and come up with some crazy parade floats and costumes.

And sometimes it’s the students that make it all worthwhile with their facepaint, t-shirts, or just all out lewd behavior. Whatever the case may be, and whatever school, these people attend, homecoming weekends are usually a gold mine for good photos. [Uncoached]

York College Wrestlers Are 0-3 Against Herpes

When I get herpes I want it to be from a traditional source like a bathroom doorknob or Paris Hilton, not a college wrestler. And certainly not a college wrestler from a division III school. Three former York College wrestlers sued the college recently, claiming they contracted herpes from a teammate while on the wrestling team. In their civil lawsuit for negligence in Philadelphia County Court, the three claim that they were “forced to grapple” with another infected wrestler. [Deadspin]

Twin UNC Students Pose for Playboy Magazine

Natalie and Jennifer Campbell tend to do things together. Not that they were overly concerned about school bills, but through sheer fate — emphasize the sheer — they found a way to pay off their student loans to the University of Northern Colorado. They took their clothes off. [Attu World]

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