Dirty Thursday: Nine Inch Nails

THE BAND: Nine Inch Nails

HOMETOWN: Cleveland, Ohio

MEMBERS: Trent Reznor and whomever else.

THEIR DEAL: This industrial-leaning and widely-respected borderline-legendary band has gone from scratch demos in Trent Reznor’s bedroom to selling out arenas across the globe over the span of their career.

THE DIRT: Since the group is solely based around Reznor’s music and vision, they have gone through multiple lineup changes over the years.  This time, however, their lineup change is a bit drastic.  Replacing the ever-so-gifted Josh Freese, the drummer of Lostprophets, Ilan Rubin, will now be the sitting drummer for Nine Inch Nails.  I have one question: who paid Trent Reznor to give a band like lostprophets a listen to begin with?

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