Sports Illustrated Vs Victoria’s Secret Model Showdown Revisited

With the 2008 Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show coming up on December 3rd, there’s been talk about Victoria’s Secret and models everywhere these days. From past Victoria’s Secret fashion show galleries to mystery models to the 20 Hottest Models of All Time – these lovely ladies are obviously the sexiest ticket out there. But since most of the VS models have also appeared in Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Edition it begs the question, which publication (catalogues are publications, kinda) makes these smokin’ hotties look the best? Luckily for you, we’ve already put the two head to head so you can decide for yourself.

Check out Sports Illustrated vs Victoria’s Secret here!

9 thoughts on “Sports Illustrated Vs Victoria’s Secret Model Showdown Revisited”

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  2. Weird stuff: VC supermodel Karolina Kurkova got her belly button operated on to make it disappear…<a>you can see it on these pics

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