College Students Blamed For California Wildfire

College Students Started One of the California Wildfires

A group of college students who lit a ridge-top bonfire is being blamed for accidentally sparking one of three ferocious wildfires that collectively destroyed about 1,000 homes and blacked more than 65 square miles. An anonymous tipster told police 10 students gathered a week ago near an abandoned home in the hills of Montecito, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said Tuesday. []

Cambridge Students Cause Public Outcry With Topless Model [NSFW]

Vivid Magazine, a Cambridge University student publication (not to be confused with this), recently caused a bit of a stir with a pictorial of their very own topless Page Three girl. The risque image marked the first time a student had appeared topless in a Cambridge publication… and folks were none too happy about it. [FleshBot] [NSFW]

Tennessee Passes RIAA-Backed Campus Downloading Bill

Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen last week signed into law a bill that will compel universities in the state to invest in campus network anti-piracy technologies, should they receive a certain number of notices that their students are believed to be illegally downloading copyrighted material in a given year. Passage of the bill was lauded by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which has sued tens of thousands of students for copyright infringement for file-sharing on campus networks. [DMW Media]

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