The Zapruder Film Was Shot 45 Years Ago Today… So Was The President

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On this day in 1963, a woman’s clothes manufacturer by the name of Abraham Zapruder, shot the second most famous home movie of all time on his super 8mm Bell and Howell Zoomatic.  The film, known infamously as the Zapruder Film is considered the most complete account of the Kennedy assassination.  Had Kennedy been shot today, Zapruder would have likely used a camera phone.

He sold the rights to Life Magazine for $150,000 (about a millions bucks in today’s dollars), $25,000 of which he donated to the family of the slain officer who allegedly confronted Lee Harvey Oswald.  Oliver Stone paid $85,000 for the use of the footage in the 3 hour time-waster JFK.  You can watch it here for free.

Massive Shopping Cart FAIL
Massive Shopping Cart FAIL
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