225 Demotivational Posters For Your Unmotivated Ass

Everybody’s seen ’em and unless you’re a cyborg (which you very well may be…) at least a couple of them have made you laugh your ass off – the demotivational poster. Made famous by Demotivate.com, demotivational posters have been one of the longest running Internet memes around. They’ve been created by people from pretty much anywhere with access to Photoshop – and we’ve gathered together a whole hell of a lot of them. So get comfortable because here’s 225 Demotivational Posters for Your Unmotivated Ass. What, you have something more important to do?

(Click Thumbnail to View Full Image – Warning: Some NSFW language)

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52 thoughts on “225 Demotivational Posters For Your Unmotivated Ass”

  1. these were absolutely amazing.

    the mindfuck one (the 15th row on the left) worked exactly like it was supposed to for me. i must've stared at it for a minute before i saw the guy down below the 3rd/4th girls from the left.

    i didn't shit bricks, but i could have.

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  3. the one that says "holland very gay" is obviously wrong. the guy standing up is Wayne Rooney from England and the guy kneeling is Christiano Ronaldo from Spain…..come on people!

  4. terminatorex, if you look closely, there are two guys in the picture beneath the girls. One on the right, and the other on the left. Look closely

  5. liverpoolforever

    Edyta: Christiano Ronaldo is from Portugal, not Spain…! But since they both play for Manchester United, they're gay enough, so the caption should actually read: Man. United. It's very gay.

  6. "what was the mindfuck one all about i couldnt figure it out? any ideas?"

    There's a face on one of the dresses. Took me a while.

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  8. OMG this is soo amazing I only have a few of these. Could it be possible for someone to put these into a folder or rar and rapidshare it or something.


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  10. Mind fuck one

    LOOK AT THE FUCKING CREEPY HAND. its coming out behind the curtains and touching the girl in the middle.

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  14. Hahaha,

    what is wrong with the pic called "12 year olds"? They are both well dressed, and I can't see any relation to sexual content.

    I'm sure that a bunch of DoGooders found this pic offensive (what reason, no idea), and protested, and protested, and protested, ……..

  15. it's funny, i've got most of these on my computer, which is funny seeing as how I have 1k+ of them >.>

  16. omg…the 12 year old thing, its about kail bairt you idiot….shit…the female gamers one is shopped but it makes me laugh….and also the awesome one in the last row looks like a girl i know named hannh, and her boyfriend likes guitar hero, and he may have take a picture like this, and hes kinda dumb with internet security, its hard tto tell if it could have happened….i laugh…hard.

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  19. Quote:

    "Edyta says :

    November 30, 2008 at 12:02 am

    the one that says “holland very gay” is obviously wrong. the guy standing up is Wayne Rooney from England and the guy kneeling is Christiano Ronaldo from Spain…..come on people!"

    Cristiano Ronaldo is from Portugal…duhhhhh

  20. i just found a facebook app where you can make your own posters from frieds pictures…it's called iMotivate…quite addicting.

  21. about Mindfuck 2. Its not a demon face or a face in the fabric. look closer. its a black guy in a black shirt. lol.

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  24. The Holland = fail. That's Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, Manchester United…

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  29. Вопросик вот такой возник, а кто может объяснить девушке как добавить этот сайт в избранное?

  30. "“MINDFUCK” fourth dress from the left, demon face in the fabric "

    et al

    Oh my o god you guys must be the most retarded bunch of commenters that I have ever seen. "Demon face." Either that or you're just bigots

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