Suicidal Christmas Dogs

If there’s one type of person that needs to be shipped off to the Negative Zone, it’s people who dress their dogs up in retarded outfits for the holidays (or ever, really). Not only do they choose the dumbest looking nonsense to strap onto their animal, they think the dog F’ing likes it!

So let us clear something up – he doesn’t f**king like it! He’s a dog. Dogs enjoy things like eating sh*t off the sidewalk and sniffing other dog’s balls, not being dressed to look like a goddamn elf! But since these douchebags aren’t going anywhere, at least we can laugh at their animal’s misery. (Just kidding – dinner at Rimjobs is on us.)

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13 thoughts on “Suicidal Christmas Dogs”

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  3. i don't think people who dress up their dogs do it because "they think the dog f'ing likes it" – they do it because it is cute and funny. the dog's idea of fun is not considered, i'm sure…

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