OJ Simpson Sentenced To Minimum Fifteen Years

Today in Las Vegas, O.J. Simpson was sentenced to six to 15  years for armed robbery and kidnapping with no possibility of parole until a minimum of five years. Furthermore, Judge Jackie Glass ruled O.J. would not be let out on bail upon appeal. The verdict satisfied both Fred and Kim Goldman who, along with the Brown family, have fought long and hard to get some justice for their Ron and Nicole.

Obviously O.J. is going to appeal on the basis of jury bias. And he might have a case, after all who doesn’t know O.J. Simpson? The O.J. Trial was one of the most significant events of the nineties and is cited by professors as an example of racial tensions during the nineties. Furthermore, since his acquittal O.J.’s actions have not been endearing. He has not made restitutions to the Goldman family as per the verdict of the 1997 civil trial and attempted to publish a book describing how he “would have” murdered his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman titled If I Did It.

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