Hot Teacher Lisa Glide Arrested On Sex Charges

As you might have guessed, we here at COED love hot teacher sex offenders. And this is one of the hottest! Drama teacher Lisa Glide, 35, from Old Bridge High School in Middlesex County, NJ has been arrested on second-degree charges of sexual assault and child endangerment for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old male student.

The lucky bastard “victim” was a senior when the relationship reportedly began last February and has since graduated. Each charge carries with it the possibility of a 10-year sentence.

OK…WTF? Hey authorities, he’s a little hint – if the “victim” is older than 13, he is not really a victim. He’s the luckiest dude at school – especially when the supposed “sex offender” looks like she just walked off the Cowboys cheerleading squad.

I understand that this can’t be allowed and that it violates all types of standards, laws, and ethics and it’s your job to investigate and prosecute cases like this. But you know what, sometimes laws are f**king stupid. 

They’re stupid because they don’t take into consideration the reality of the situation – that a 17-year-old dude is as much to blame for boning his teacher as she is. And I know she was the person in charge, but c’mon – she’s the drama teacher. That’s what happens when you hire a super hot drama teacher, she f**ks somebody.

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