16 Year-Old Gets College Degree In 2 Years

16 Year-old Gets Degree From UT in 2 Years

A teenager graduates from the University of Texas this weekend at 16, an age when most students have yet to receive their high school diplomas. Andrew Brisbin of Denton, Texas, entered North Central Texas College at 14 and transferred to the university a year later, the Austin American-Statesman reported. He completed the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in finance in two years by attending summer school and taking a heavy course load. [UPI]

U of NF Basketball Go-Go Dancers Put On Show For Santa

We rarely dabble in Atlantic Sun basketball action – unless women are involved. And thanks to a forward thinking cheerleader/dance team coach who knows how to dress her troops, the ladies of the University of North Florida are now welcomed into the sports blogosphere. Just this weekend the UNF dancers took the floor of a barren college basketball court to shake it – in their go-go dancing outfits. If the University of Idaho cheerleaders made you blush, wait until you see Osprey dancers pole dancing unis. [Busted Coverage]

Time for Obama to Drop the Hammer on the Joke of a BCS

Obama, Teddy Roosevelt and the BCS: Best column we’ve read in quite some time from Bill Rhoden of the Times. “Obama should summon a group of college presidents, conference commissioners and bowl representatives to the White House and deliver an ultimatum: come up with a comprehensive playoff system, or risk losing the bogus tax-exempt status they have enjoyed for so long.” Don’t laugh – Teddy Roosevelt did it in 1905 and it saved the game, according to Rhoden. [The Big Lead]

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