Smokin’ Presidents

Happy Presidents Day: A visual index of the POTUS’ Smoking Habits.

We here at COED are big fans of tobacco. Yeah, we know it’s bad for you – really, really bad for you. But it’s good for the soul, damnit. Which is why we were so happy to hear that Barack Obama has been smoking like a chimney over the past couple of months, despite trying to kick the habit at the beginning of his Presidential bid.

Despite claims that the White House will be “smoke free,” we’re hoping he’ll back down on that promise and add himself to the long lineage of tobacco-using US Presidents. Remember, at this nation’s inception, tobacco was one of the biggest cash crops (after hemp, which is a whole other post altogether). And from John Adams to Franklin D. Roosevelt to Bill Clinton, tobacco has had a home in the White House. Here is every President known to use tobacco.

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(Original image: Patrick Moberg)

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