Record Labels Want Universities To Pay “Music Tax”

Record Labels Want Universities To Pay “Music Tax”

In digital music circles, few ideas provoke more tooth-gnashing than the model advanced by Warner Music executive/consultant Jim Griffin—occasionally known as “voluntary blanket licensing”—in which users would pay a regular fee in exchange for access to a vast online library of music. Earlier this year, Warner hired Griffin, a respected digital music expert, to explore new business models including voluntary licensing, a concept he has championed for years. [Daily Swarm]

Virginia football Coach Al Groh Fires Son

Virginia football coach Al Groh, fighting for his job after two 5-7 seasons in three years, fired his offensive coordinator/son Mike Groh and two other assistants this weekend. Loved by most players and an easy target for the fan base, Mike Groh’s departure ends a three-year run that provided limited success. Over the past three seasons, the Cavaliers’ offense failed to crack the top 100 in total offense. [With Leather]

USC Song Girls Caught In All Sorts Of Sexy Poses At UCLA Game

Unless another photog comes along with shots to beat these, the 2008 award for team photography goes to the USC band photographer.

Week after week, he/she (we’re guessing it’s a dude) brings it. UCLA weekend was no different. [Busted Coverage]

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