COED Hangs with Bam Margera

A few weeks back Jackass star Bam Margera was nice enough to invite COED to his home in West Chester to hang out for the day. Bam showed us around his new bar/concert venue, ‘The Note,’ took us on a tour of his sprawling 14 acre estate, did some skate tricks in his massive indoor skate barn and even introduced us to his family, Phil, April and new wife Missy.

With only eight days until Christmas Bam’s new DVD Where the #$&% Is Santa? would make an amazing present for a friend, your brother, your sadomasochistic cousin . Basically you’re a fan of Jackass and his recent shows “Unholy Union” and “Viva la Bam,” you’ll definitely enjoy this very funny and entertaining DVD…and at 19-bucks it’s affordable as well.

We brought a photographer along for the trip so be sure to check out all the awesome pictures on our Facebook group.


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