Sam Bradford’s Girlfriend Kelsey Kurtz Exposed!

According to an eagle-eyed reader in Tulsa, Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford visited the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday, and news reports stated that he was accompanied by his girlfriend, Oklahoma student Kelsey Kurtz. A cursory internet search reveals that she was smart (4.0) and athletic in high school (all-city tennis and golf) and she’s friends with Bradford on Facebook. [The Big Lead]

Harvard v. The RIAA: The Showdown Continues…

The RIAA appears to be strategically avoiding lawsuits against Harvard University students, despite repeated denials by the trade group.  But after years of mailing thousands of infringement letters to students across US-based universities, including the Ivys, tough-talking Harvard was somehow left off the list. Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson, a staunch critic of RIAA-led lawsuits and crackdown tactics, has loomed large.  But instead of waiting for a lawsuit to come to his doorstep, Nesson is now jumping to the assistance of Boston College graduate Joel Tenenbaum (Sony BMG Music v. Tenenbaum). [Digital Music News]

What Is The Best Athlete Blog On The Net?

Mark Titus (pictured, with a fan) is a junior guard for Ohio State who has logged one minute of playing time for the Buckeyes so far this season. While he may not be All-America material on the court, his blog, Club Trillion, is easily the best athlete blog I’ve ever read. That’s right — Rod Benson, Paul Shirley, even Gilbert Arenas: not as good. [With Leather]

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  1. Kelsey is a beautiful girl, inside and out, she is just adorable, I love her. I hope SAM, AS I WATCH him is just the same, I love to watch him play footbal, he is the best, so is Kelsey, My love and prayers for both. Shirley J. Cox

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