The Top 20 Most Gorgeous Guess Girls of All Time

No other clothing brand in the history of clothing brands is sexier than Guess? Jeans. (Sorry, Victoria’s Secret. Underwear companies don’t count.) And it’s all thanks to the glorious Guess? girls. Known worldwide as the sexiest women on the planet, these lovely ladies have the hotness of a volcano in the tip of their finger and the seduction abilities of a case of tequila. Dozens of women have had the honor of calling themselves Guess girls, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best. So grab hold of something, because you’re mind is about to be blown.

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#20 Karen Carreno

At age 15, Karen Carreno first got her start in modeling after filling in at a small fashion show. But her performance was so good, she was doing magazines and catalogs in no time. In addition to her work as a Guess? Girl, she’s appeared in a slew of magazines, from Maxim to Allure, as well as appearing in television commercials brands like Clorets, Coca Cola and Macy’s.

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#19 Landi Swanepoel

Often compared to a young Brigitte Bardot, Landi Swanepoel was made famous for her extensive work as a Guess? Girl, but it was her portrayal of the “Sylvia” character a the Nastro Azzurro beer commercial, which pays homage to Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, that stands as her crowing achievement. In addition to her work with Guess?, Landi has also appeared in ads for Chanel, Land Rover and on the cover of FHM.

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#18 Julie Ordon

This 24-year-old Swiss model-actress has appeared in multiple films, including Inquietude by French director Gilles Bourdos and Flashback of a Fool, which came out this year. In addition to her fashion modeling work, Julie also landed herself on the cover of French Playboy in 2007. Which reminds us that we really need a subscription to French Playboy.

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#17 Thais Oliveira

At the ripe age of 16, this smokin’ Brazilian is the youngest model on this list, having already appeared in advertisements for Alphorria, Guess?, Tommy Hilfiger denim and Vide Bula. When we were only 16, all we’d done is failed pre-calc, drank 14 beers in one night and got arrested for spray painting a set of t*ts on the side of our high school. So by our standards, she’s doing pretty good…

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#16 Sarah Mutch

This 23-year-old Canadian cutie is a current Guess? Girl and by far one of the best. She was discovered by a modeling scout on the streets of Vancouver at age 13. She’s also appeared in “Smallville” and “The Good, The Bad and The Geeky” in 2003, and was recently featured in the February issue of Maxim magazine.

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#15 Josie Maran

Josie Maran, an extremely successful, 30-year-old model and actress, has been one of the top American beauties since before you hit puberty. She recently launched a cosmetic’s line, aptly named Josie Maran Cosmetics, which is a pretty good idea. Who better to get beauty tips from than someone way hotter than anyone else.

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#14 Ana Beatriz Barros

Born in Brazil, the supermodel mecca of the world, 26-year-old Anna Beatriz Barros has been one of the hottest honeys on the scene for years. Best known for her work with Guess?, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel cosmetics, and Jennifer Lopez’s JLo fashion line, Anna is said to be best friends with co-model Alessandra Ambrosio. Now that’s a Girl’s Night Out we’d like crash.

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#13 Sasha Beznosyuk

The definition of blond bombshell, this Ukrainian stunner made most of her career overseas, especially in France where she modeled for a slew of high-end designers. In the US, she’s most well known for her Guess? ad campaign. But when you’re this hot, that’s pretty much all anyone can handle.

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#12 Lonneke Engel

Originally from the Netherlands, this Dutch damsel began her modeling career at age 12 after her parents started the Bucan Int BV modeling management firm in Holland and Lluna Inc Model Management in the US. But controversy broke out after her Guess? ad campaign was launched, since Lonneke was only 14-years-old when the pictures were taken. After much uproar for making such a young girl pose so sexily, Guess? was forced to discontinue the campaing. And that’s when the Internet took over…

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#11 Alessandra Ambrosio

Best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, this Brazilian beauty began modeling at the young age of 15 after winning Brazil’s Elite Model Look competition. She was soon chosen to do the Millennium Guess? campaign along with her friend and fellow super-hottie Ana Beatriz Barros. Since then, she’s appeared in pretty much every magazine, ever. Luckily, she’s not going away anytime soon.

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#10 Kim Smith

Hailing from the big land of Texas, Kim Smith first got into modeling after accompanying a friend to a Model Search of America contest after the head of the competition asked her to compete instead of just watch. She was soon the face of companies like Abercrombie & Fitch. But her big break came when she landed two Guess? campaigns. Afterwards, she was making appearances in everything from *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” video to 2004’s Catwoman.

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#9 Victoria Silvstedt

The epitome of Swedish sexiness, Victoria Silvstedt started out as a member of the Swedish National Ski Team, the volumptous blond soon found herself in the pages of Playboy and landed the Playmate of the Month slot in December 1996. And she’s since been featured in countless magazines, like GQ, Maxim and FHM.

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#8 Laetitia Casta

French, full-lipped and the epitome of sexy, Laetitia Casta has appeared on over 100 magazine covers, including Victoria’s Secret catalogs, ELLE magazine and Vogue. In 1999, she was chosen to be the model of Marianne, official symbol of the French Republic.

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#7 Tori Praver

Best known for her appearances in the 2007 and 2008 Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Editions, 22-year-old blond bombshell Tori Praver was discovered by a rep from Jet Set Models after landing a spot in Outside magazine. In addition to her work with Guess? and Yamamay, Tori was featured on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Cover magazines. But if you ask us, that’s not nearly enough.

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#6 Laryssa Castro

Armed with sultry lips, seductive eyes and a body to go to jail for, this bangin’ Brazilian is relatively unknown aside from her work with Guess?. In addition to that ad campaign, she was the face of Paul Mitchell and various foreign fashion companies. She’s also rumored to have an unusually large head. But since when is too much head a bad thing?

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#5 Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is one of those women that just takes your breath away every time you see her. This 27-year-old Brazilian supermodel has been everywhere, from the pages of Victoria’s Secret (who makes this ridiculously expensive, stone-studded bra) to the billboards of SoHo to our every fantasy for as long as we can remember. Adriana, we solute you!

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#4 Megan Ewing

Born in Abilene, Texas, this 24-year-old stunner started her career as a model for Aberbrombie & Fitch and soon landed a spot as a coveted Guess? girl, in 2001. In addition to appearing in ad campaigns all over the world, Megan showed off her sexiness in tons of magazines, from Glamour to FHM.

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#3 Bree Conden

This 22-year-old bangin’ brunette from Newport Beach, California has modeled for high-end lingerie designer Fredricks of Hollywood, JC Penny’s and became one of the glorious Guess? Girls. She’s appeared on the cover of numerous publications, and landed a spread in Maxim Magazine.

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#2 Anna Nicole Smith

Before becoming the gigantically fat laughing stock of reality television, Anna Nicole Smith was a walking, talking (gold-digging) wet dream. (Ok, the talking part was never that good.) After her appearance on the cover of Playboy (where she’s listed by her real name, Vikki Marshall), Smith became one of the most popular Playmates of all time. But her real fame came after replacing Claudia Schiffer as the face of Guess?. Young Anna Nicole, you will be missed.

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#1 Claudia Schiffer

With a worth of nearly $80 million and having appeared on over 500 magazine covers worldwide, Claudia Schiffer isn’t just the greatest Guess? model of all time, she’s one of the greatest beauties to walk the modern Earth. Born in Rheinberg, Germany, Claudia was signed to Guess? in 1990, making the brand known for pure, unadulterated sexiness – and setting the bar for all the other Guess? models to come. Thank you, Claudia. Thank you…

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  1. First of all, if you ever saw Adriana Lima in real life, you would shit your pants. Second of all, having perfect, massive tits doesn't necessarily make her the most gorgeous…but I will say it would have been nice to see that rack!

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  3. James - University o

    RE: bunkr – look at the list again #8. And what is the deal with Diora Baird, she is hot, but not hotter than the girls on this list.

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    Dark hair, tan skin, light eyes = great combination

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