University of Chicago To Allow Co-Ed Dorm Rooms

The University of Chicago is joining a nationwide trend of allowing male and female students to live not just on the same dorm floor, but in the same dorm room. The school sent a letter out to parents last week informing them of the decision. The school says it was a student-led initiative that isn’t aimed at romantic couples. However, the school says couples won’t be banned from asking to be roommates when the program begins next month. Nationally more than 30 campuses allow co-ed dorm rooms. [Yahoo]

Fake Facebook College Class Groups Uncovered

We may be about to see the latest frontier of viral marketing–fake students starting groups for the incoming class of 2013 in the name of data collection. Brad Ward, a recruitment specialist at Butler University, outlined the details on his blog. He became suspicious after talking to a colleague at Winthrop University. Here are the common links. [cnet]

Sorority Girl Sets Off Fire Alarm, Cries

Apparently, she wanted to make the hallway appear that it had snow in it, so she decided to use a fire extinguisher (this is something that her dad has successfully done in the past). Instead of there just being a “little poof”, the entire hallway filled with chemicals that caused the fire alarm to go off in the middle of the night during finals week.  Now this is her in the car upset that everyone at Alpha Chi (the sorority she wants to be in and presumably those who live where the fire alarm went off) hates her. She explains how she isn’t a bad person and it was just an accident. [Youtube]

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