Stafford, Moreno To Leave Georgia for the NFL

The press conference is at 3 pm, but the UGA boards all morning have been buzzing that both are goners. Intern Parrish said via email that the Bulldogs next year will look like the Tide did this year, and be bowling again. Stafford as a pro? Eh. Ditto for Moreno, whom we loved as a sophomore (when he had that awesome blocking FB). We suspect both will still go in the first round. [Big Lead]

Least Watched Bowl Game In History

Try to imagine what you could do to make sure no one attended or watched a bowl game.  Pick two small-conference schools, like Tulsa and Ball State?  Check.  Play the game in Mobile, Alabama?  Check.  Make the game a blowout?  Check.  Play the game in a driving rainstorm?  All aboard for the Empty Stadium Express! [With Leather]

Does The BCS Violate Antitrust Laws?

Utah’s attorney general is investigating the Bowl Championship Series for a possible violation of federal antitrust laws after an undefeated Utes team was left out of the national title game for the second time in five years. Attorney General Mark Shurtleff contends the BCS unfairly puts schools like Utah, which is a member of a conference without an automatic bid to the lucrative bowl games, at a competitive and financial disadvantage. [ESPN]

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