Howie Long’s Kid Is A Drunk Driver

It was quite a weekend for Kyle Long, son of Howie Long and stud pitching prospect for Florida State. Well, he was a pitching prospect at FSU. Kyle Long was arrested early Sunday morning after University of Virginia police say they saw him driving the wrong way on 12 and a 1/2 Street. Afterward, he failed a pair of sobriety tests. A police report given to NBC29 shows 20-year-old Kyle Long blew a .10 in a breath test. [Deadspin]


Utah Student Raises $45,000 to Protect Land from Drilling

Tim DeChristopher, the student who won over 22,000 acres of land at a Bureau of Land Management Auction, is on his way to purchasing the land, which was originally intended for sale to oil companies. DeChristopher infiltrated a Bureau of Land Management auction on December 19th. Because the agency threw the auction together so hastily, he was able to get inside, grab an auction paddle and bid against the oil companies. He successfully raised the $45,000 by today in order to hold onto his claim. [Ecolocalizer]


Top 50 Universities Ranked By Looks

This might seem like an easy job, but I can tell you after sifting through thousands of pictures of hot girls that it … really is an easy job and a lot of fun to boot. A lot of things went into these rankings, including the attractiveness of cheerleaders, the locations of the schools (the sunnier the better – hot girls gravitate towards warm weather), and the popularity of tailgating/drinking/partying. But mostly these rankings come from the gut, as Stephen Colbert would say, the only part of your body worth trusting. Enjoy, here are the Top 50 Universities Ranked By Looks. [Popcrunch]

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