Kay Valentine The Week That Was: Jan. 5th-9th

There isn’t too much information about Kay Valentine floating around the internet. According to her Myspace page Ms. Valentine is 100 years-old making her the sexiest old lady in the history of Earth!

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Friday: January 9, 2009

The Top 10 Most Unfunny Comedians of All Time

We’re not sure how they’ve done it, but by some dastardly karmic injustice these 10 a-holes have made successful careers for themselves as comedians by… being about as funny as putting your dog to sleep. For whatever idiotic reason, everyone went along with the shams long enough to make these people into celebrities. We’re not saying we could do their jobs better, we’re just saying it wouldnt have been hard to find someone who could. So without further adieu – The Top 10 Most Unfunny Comedians of All Time.

s Celebrate With 142 Sexy Gator Girls!

It should be of no surprise to you that we at COED pulled for the Gators in tonight’s game. Sure Sam Bradford seems like a stand-up guy, and the Sooners have a smokin’

hot cheerleadering squad, but ever since our mind blowing road trip to Gainsville for the LSU vs UF game in October our loyalty has been with the Gators.

Thursday: January 8, 2009

7 Things I Learned Working on a Pot Farm

For the stoner sect, working on a pot farm must seem like the equivalent of a fat person winning one of those contests where they get to stuff their shopping cart with as much food as they can in one minute. But I–your faithful blogger—have actually worked on a pot farmer in Mendocino County (part of the Emerald Triangle) and the fantasy isn’

t always the same as the reality. So here are 5 truths and fictions about working on a pot farm.

Music Bloggers Best of 2008

As long as people continue to make music, other people will make year end lists chronicling it. Artist of the year? Song of the year? Album of the year? Depending on how much you care about these things, there are literally dozens of different places for you to find out who and what, in very esteemed professionals’

opinions, have taken these top honors (Spin, Rolling Stone and Pitchfork being the most notable).

The 2009 AVN Movie Award Nominees: Gallery Edition

Today marks the beginning of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo – a time when anyone who’s anyone in the porn industry converges on Las Vegas for four days of blonds, big fake t*ts, ridiculous parties and loads of public drunken debauchery. Good times, all around. Topping off the event is Saturday’s 26th Annual AVN Awards, which highlights the best performers and videos from the past year. But since you (like us) don’t have a ticket, we’ve put together galleries of every porn star nominated for an award at this year’

s AVNs. So sit back, relax and get ready for the best of the best: The 2009 AVN Movie Awards Gallery Edition

De-friend 10 People, Get a Free Whopper

Is Burger King the most web savvy fast food chain ever? They sure want you to think so! From sponsoring that really important P. Diddy YouTube channel to single handedly inventing softcore chicken webcam porn to putting a hamburgery spin on the word ‘virgin’, they’re definitely on the cutting edge of new, 21st century style burger marketing. But if all that stuff isn’t Web 2.0 enough for you, don’t worry, BK has you covered. They’re upping the ante and making a foray into the world of social networking. That’s right, they’ve done the previously unthinkable and invented a killer fast food Facebook app. They’

re big idea? De-friend ten people, and win a free Whopper!

Wednesday: January 7, 2009

Obama Appoints Judge Judy Attorney General!

I love me some TV on-air personalities, but when they start getting Presidential appointments – I start having issues. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, has been approached by Barack Obama’s transition team about the U.S. surgeon general’

s post, according to sources inside the transition and at CNN. Gupta, a neurosurgeon, has served as a White House fellow and as a special adviser to then-first lady Hillary Clinton. This was back in the day when she was trying to create a national health care system. Of course, those days were short-lived and are now grundle stains in the cross-dressing panties of US political history.

2009 AVN Awards: 10 Porn Stars Who Twitter

Saturday, January 10th marks the beginning of the 26th annual AVN Awards in Las Vegas, and that means pretty much the entire world of porn descending on one spot for what’s been hailed as the “Oscars of adult entertainment.” Since yesterday’s “20 Celebrities Who Twitter” post was so popular, we’ve put together a list of “10 Porn Stars Who Twitter”

, in order to help keep you up to date with the happenings of some of your favorite nominees during this sex-tastic event. Porn stars use Twitter a lot, so being a super-creeper has never been so easy.

5 Recession Proof Jobs That Do Not Suck

Hey, did you hear? The economy is totally horrible! Auto sales are down, unemployment is up; the doom and gloom never stops. But believe it or not, there are people working fantastic jobs in this country who haven’

t even noticed the economy flush down the toilet, and probably never will. Here are five of the best ways to make decent money during these tough time.

Tuesday: January 6, 2009

Twenty Celebrity Hotties Who Twitter

Twitter is quickly becoming the most talked about social Site on the Web. Even your mom knows about Twitter. She might not know what it does or what it’s for – then again, neither does anyone else! But now, we have an answer: it’s to keep track of super hot celebrities without risk of getting slapped with a restraining order! Hooray! So to help get you started, we’ve put together a list of all the hottest Twitter-using celebs, with links to their (real) Twitter pages. Before you know it, you’ll be all, “OMG, Tina Fey! UR SOOooooOOOOoo FNY :~b,”

and life will be good.

How To Get In a Fight!

A major problem for some is the lack of fist fights in their everyday life. This should not be a problem which one should be cursed with. That’

s why we like to show how one can get in more fights in everyday life!

Monday: January 5, 2009

49 Gorgeous Gadget Girls

If there’s one thing geeks love more than technology, it’s pictures of hot girls using technology. And we have to say, it’s a damn fine combination. It seems as though Apple products are the gadgets of choice for most hot girls wanting to bring out their inner geek – maybe it’s the sexy styling that goes so well with a sexy body, we don’

t know. But whatever it is that makes these lovely ladies strip down to nothing but an iPod, it has to be good.

Top 5 Funnest Ways to Ruin Your Life

If you pay attention to the news, you may have noticed that a lot of people’s lives are getting ruined right now. People are losing their jobs, their life savings, and in places like Palestine, their lives. And you know what? Odds are that at least a few of you will have your lives ruined in a somewhat similar fashion, maybe pretty soon. Sucks to say, but it’

s true. With this being the case, we suggest getting a jump on things and ruining your life in a really awesome way before fate has a chance to come along and ruin it for you. Here are some suggested methods.

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