Colleges Now Offering iPhone App Making Courses

Are you interested in the world of iPhone app making? Has all the popular apps that have made app makers rich drawn you to the app side? Many of us avid app users would love to get into app making but have no idea how to start. There are iPhone app making books and app making seminars out there, but now a few colleges are offering courses in iPhone app developing. Qantm College of the UK has recently launched a iPhone Game Development course at their Islington campus and plan to launch similar courses in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Amsterdam, Munich and Berlin. [iPhone Spies]

10 Best Value Colleges in the United States

When it comes to paying for a college education, everyone’s looking for a bargain — and thanks to the Princeton Review, students have some help looking for the best deals.  According to the Princeton Review, here are the top 10 “best value” colleges in the United States. [eduInReview]

College + Wiki + Facebook Connect

I remember college email lists. Even though they weren’t inbox friendly, they were all the rage back in my days at UCLA. CollegeWikis, a wiki-style service for college groups looking to take back their email, is transforming its image, but not its purpose. The site, which is now going by the new moniker Regroup, still aims to make college email groups a thing of past, but now it’s hoping to be even more relevant by sprucing up its name, look, and features. [Mashable]

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