What Position Will Tim Tebow Play In The NFL?

If Tebow had decided to enter the NFL draft this year it is projected he would have gone in the middle of the first round. But at 6-foot-3-inch, 240-pounds most NFL scouts agree that Tim Tebow’s best position as a pro is probably not as quarterback.

Some say Tebow is a “Pro Bowl tight end waiting to happen. Others see him as a safety. He could even be a running back.” If you were an NFL GM where would you stick Tebow in your line-up? Vote below and tell us whether or not removing him from QB duties would be a retarded move.

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6 thoughts on “What Position Will Tim Tebow Play In The NFL?”

  1. middle of the first round? nope got your informations wrong coed. They said he would be drafted somewhere between the second and fourth rounds. So once again coed and their people fuck something else up. This website is a joke

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