Gamble Real Bucks On One Season: The Athlete Stock Market

Almost every fantasy sports fanatic I’ve ever met has a few “hunch” players during draft time. Maybe it’s the young stud on your favorite team who is a “shoe-in” for Rookie of the Year or dark horse vet coming off knee surgery who will have a career year at 36.

If you’re the guy who can predict a super star player before the year even starts then One Season is for you.

One Season is a “stock market for sports that lets users invest real money into their favorite athletes,” says Tech Crunch.

The site “mimics traditional stock markets, substituting famous athletes in place of large companies (they even have their own ticker symbols; KING, currently the top-trading stock, stands for LeBron James).” You use a credit card to “purchase ‘Synthetic Ownership Interests’ in each player, which rise in value depending on their demand.”

Over 1.000,000 SOI’s have been bought since launch so One Season could be on the verge of gaining a massive following.

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