Mayra Veronica and The Week That Was: Jan. 17th-23rd

Mayra Veronica is a 29-year-old Cuban import that gained fame in the US.

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Friday: January 23, 2009 – 2:30 pm

Tight Jeans & G-Strings

No matter what kind of man you are, it’s impossible to deny the awesomeness that is the tight jeans and G-string combo. They go together like peaches and cream, whisky and cigarettes, blow jobs and… more blow jobs. Often called a “whale tale,” this female apparel phenomenon seems to usually happen to girls who have fake tans and tramp stamps, so something tells us it’s not entirely accidental. But no matter what force of nature causes it, you’re never going to hear us complain. In fact, we’re going to celebrate it with tons of hot pictures! Enjoy.

How to Keep Loafing After Graduation

You can try putting it off by switching majors or reducing your semester workload, but it’s inevitable – eventually you’ll collect enough passing grades to graduate. Our society views this sheet of paper as a marvelous accomplishment, but if you’re a slacker like me, it’s a kiss of death. Why? Because college is a non-stop party with a refreshingly minimal amount of responsibilities. Dorm life, coeds, beer pong, football, 2 am Taco Bell, coeds – these are the best years of your life, my friend (even your parents will tell you that). And that diploma is going to ruin it all by forcing you to grow up and get a “real” job.

Thursday: January 22, 2009

A Pickup Artist’s Guide to Picking Up Ann Coulter

When the news broke recently that Ann Coulter had been dumped by her boyfriend, whose body she apparently hasn’t had a chance to eat yet, word quickly spread through the pickup artist community that a new top prize was loose on the field. You see, Ann is to pickup artists what ten point bucks are to hunters. She is their Moby Dick. Successfully picking her up would be the most impressive display of game maybe ever, or at least since John Smith famously day gamed Pocahontas back in the 1400s.

How to Play Vegas Escort Idol

In Las Vegas, escorts are advertised EVERYWHERE – rolling billboards, cabbies handing bound photo books with pictures and phone numbers, newspaper machines filled with catalogs, dozens of illegal Mexicans handing out business cards on every street corner. And for about $250, you can get pretty much anything you want.

Quick Guide to Joining the Mile High Club

The best orgasm I’ve ever had, was 10,000 feet over San Francisco. I was in a plane. This was my induction into the Mile High Club. MHC is an exclusive club for members who’ve “done the deed” while flying in airplanes. Joining the Mile High Club makes you feel like one of those really rich, decadent people, who do things like eat animals that are endangered species. Here’s what you’ll need to become a member.

Wednesday: January 21, 2009

MMA Ring Girl-o-Rama

When most people think of the MMA they think of cage matches, blood, grappling and big burly dudes pummeling each other in the face. But beyond all the violence and gore is a sexy silver lining – MMA ring girls! Not only do they let you know what round it is, in the hottest way possible, these bodacious babes are so viciously sexy, it almost hurts to look at them. Maybe not knee-to-the-face hurt, but they’ll definitely get your attention, that’s all we’re sayin’.

Amber Heard Is Topless…Again!

In my opinion, Amber Heard is the sexiest young actress in Hollywood. If you need any further proof then kindly take a peek at her recent Miss COED feature…smokin’!! Today, Mr. Skin revealed that her new film The Informers is going to be a topless boob-circus and Heard is the ring master, just take a look at her newly leaked NSFW topless screen grabs. It turns out this isn’t the first time Heard will strip down for a role. Remember the very NSFW pool sex scene from Alpha Dog?

Tuesday: January 20, 2009

God Bless The U.S. T & A

Barack Obama has successfully been inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, and now it’s time to get down to the business of solving some serious problems. But before we get to that monumental task, let’s take a minute to celebrate the ushering in of a new era the only way we know how – with super hot chicks!  We’re not sure what it is about a beautiful woman in red, white and blue that makes us feel so good. But regardless of the reason – God Bless the US T&A!

Top 5 Most Disturbing Breastfeeding Videos of All-Time

Breastfeeding is one of those strange activities in life that everybody does, but nobody besides mothers are really comfortable with. It’s not quite gross, not quite sexy, not quite anything but strange. And these five videos take that strangeness to a whole new level. From world records to weird commercials to (of course) something Japanese, we present to you the Top 5 Most Disturbing Breastfeeding Videos of All-Time.

The Week In Re-Boob: Jan 12th – 18th

Welp, it’s Monday, again, and you know what that means! Another Week In Re-Boob! We’ve got all the hottest galleries the interweb has to offer. So don’t worry if you missed any of last week’s skintastic sexiness, we’ve got you completely covered. You might want to take a deep breath before diving into this one.

Monday: January 19, 2009

A Guide To Watching The Obama Inauguration Online

It is on. And it’s online. So you want to witness the exciting hoopla surrounding today’s historic Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, but you’re stuck going to class or penned to your desk at work.  Fear not boys and girls, the Internet has got your back. From Facebook and Twitter to live streaming on your iPhone, this is definitely not your grandfather’s inauguration.  The following is a list of places to catch the  Inaugural Ceremonies and festivities online.

The Sexiest Bunnies of ‘08: Playboy’s Playmate of the Year 2008!

One of these bunnies (below) will become the 50th Playboy Playmate of the Year and gain all the spoils. Best part is Hugh is leaving the decision up to us…what a kick ass responsibility! Miss October’s got my vote, but which one will you pick? Click all the thumbnails below to check out the Playmate’s photos then head over to Playboy.c

Tips on Being a Bouncer

So let’s say your favorite movie is the Patrick Swayze vehicle,  Road House. It’s moved you so much that you now want to emulate zen-bouncer Dalton in real life and instill order at your favorite roughneck hot-spot. Well, I have been a bouncer. So here are some premiere bouncing tips.

The 32 Hotties of Friday Night Lights
The 32 Hotties of Friday Night Lights
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