Local College Kid Designs NBA All-Rookie Jerseys

Local College Student Designs NBA All-Rookie Jerseys

A little brother can be a pain in the neck, but thanks to his, Tim Ahmed is now taking his first steps toward style stardom. Ahmed, an 18-year-old freshman at Baruch College, won an online contest his kid brother told him about. The contest called for designs for this year’s Rookies vs. Sophomores Game, all part of NBA All-Star weekend in Phoenix next month. Ahmed’s design beat out submissions from more than 12,000 others. [MSNBC]

The Stanford Tree Is Officially Out Of Control

More sexy shenanigans involving cheerleaders and the Stanford Tree have been unearthed; this time in broad daylight, on campus. What is this strange power the tree seems to have over women?  Last week we brought you coverage of the Stanford Tree and and cheerleader booty-licking allegations, which included a response from the tree itself. But now other photos have surfaced. Are these Stanford cheerleaders, or will they turn out to be, as before, band members posing as cheerleaders? [Dead Spin]

College Basketball Gets Another Postseason Tournament

Do we really need a fourth postseason college basketball tournament? Because it looks like we may be getting one. The Boston-based Web site CollegeInsider.com has announced the formation of a 16-team invitational tournament this March that “will be determined after the official announcements of the two existing tournaments,” referring to the N.C.A.A. and N.I.T. tournaments without mentioning the 16-team College Basketball Invitational, which was initiated last year to limited fanfare. [NY Times]

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