Want $5K? Enter the “Do Up Your Dorm” Contest Now!

If you’re a dude, the odds are decent that – from time to time – your room looks sloppier than Britney Spears after a weekend binger. It is nothing to be ashamed of! Like peeing the bed after a twelve hour sloshfest, being messy is a completely natural part of college manhood.

This is the very reason COED has joined up with BREAK and MGM’s “College”; to celebrate the times when your room is so trashed, you can’t even get the drunk Chi Omega chick to come into your room with you. Turn that frown upside down you messy little bastard! These are dark times for sure, but what if you could get $5000 just for being a slob?!

Follow the easy steps below and you could be on your way to your own college stimulus package:

1. Shoot It:

Shoot an original video or take an original photo of your dorm room, frat house or college apartment in shambles. Submit a video or photo of the wreckage and explain how it got this way and you could win a complete renovation. In order to qualify you need to simply say SHAMBLES, either in the video, the title, or within the description.

2. Upload It:
Login to Break and upload your video. Make sure you get it in before February 2nd. Tag your video with the keyword “SHAMBLES” while the process is occurring. Don’t forget to say SHAMBLES in the video, the title, or within the description.

3. Promote it:
This step is optional, but by sending your video to friends and family, posting links on social networking sites, and encouraging others to rate and comment on your video, you stand a better chance of filling your pockets with loot. And remember to check back to see how your submission is holding up against the competition.

And that’s it. No excuse why you can’t take a pic or video of the sh*thole you live in, and post it – for $5000.

2 thoughts on “Want $5K? Enter the “Do Up Your Dorm” Contest Now!”

  1. Dude, are you serious? How else are they going to know who you are to give you the fucking prize? I honestly hope you were just being a douche and not serious…if so, please save your money and quit college.

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