USC’s David Buehler Parties Like We Do

Today we start with the place kicker, yes place kicker David Bueler from one of the top teams in the nation, USC.  When David isn’t kicking balls through poles he’s dancing with many many chicks in the dorms. So David, when you’re in the NFL, you can always look back at these pics to remind you how fun college once was…and can be. [Uncoached]

Amazing Race Winner, Midlands Tech Student To Do Playboy

Close to 11 million people likely will see Irmo native Jennifer Hopka on the CBS reality show “The Amazing Race” next month. That’s three times as many as would have seen her if she had made it into Playboy six years ago. They just won’t be seeing as much of her. [The State]

Marissa Miller Plans to Titillate UT Fans in Knoxville

Long story short, Marissa Miller’s husband befriended a Tennessee recruit. Said recruit will be attending UT’s home game tonight against LSU. So Miller and her husband made the trip, too. [The Big Lead]

Want $5K? Enter the “Do Up Your Dorm” Contest Now!
Want $5K? Enter the “Do Up Your Dorm” Contest Now!
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