This is The Kind of Stuff You Can Expect At Florida

If there’s one other school I’d have chosen, it very well may be the University of Florida.  Well certainly in the last few years with their athletic program, it’s a logical choice. But really, it’s this collection of pictures I have gathered from one particular student there that make this sentiment true.  I have to say, the main girl in these photos could be my favorite college student in existence right now. Her name is Jacey by the way. [Uncoached]

Preview Of UC Berkeley’s  Starcraft 101: The Art of War Class

t’s 6:45 and class is about to start. Throngs of students are starting to crowd the hallway in front of room C230 at the Haas School of Business, deep in the heart of the UC Berkeley campus. There is a noticeable buzz in the air and it looks as if most of the students are about to enter the doors of a rock show, not a two-hour night class. It’s every college gamer’s dream: get credits for learning and playing a video game. GamePro was first on the scene at UC Berkeley to attend the inaugural class on the world popular real-time strategy game Starcraft. [Game Pro]

Santa Barbara CC Parking Lot Masturbator Arrested

Paper towels, moisturizer and a “Barely Legal” pornography magazine were three pieces of the incriminating evidence police used to arrest a man for masturbating in a City College parking lot [facing the stadium] … The suspect [not pictured] confessed to [Security Supervisor Eric] Fricke that this was his first time doing anything like this. He also told Fricke that he couldn’t do it at home because he has roommates, according to the report. [With Leather]

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