Top Football Recruiting Classes From ’02-’09

Led by QB Brock Berlin – who never won the starting job with the Gators and eventually transferred to Miami – this class boasted solid players like TE Ben Troupe and DB Guss Scott, but didn’t live up to its top ranking. The class finished with a 43-20 five-year record under Steve Spurrier (who left after the 2001 season) and Ron Zook. On the plus side for Gators’ fans, the team’s 7-5 record in ’04 opened the door for Urban Meyer to take over. Top classes from 2002-09 are according to [SI]

Highest Paying Jobs for Recent College Graduates

If the economic doomsday scenario happens, college students will go straight from the graduation ceremony to the dole. In these tough times, us American youths need to be crafty. We need to use our age and durability to our advantage. Our angle exists in many different forms, we just need to find them. Allow me to help with the search.  The following vocations are high paying and highly segmented, meaning they can only be done by a certain few. [Boosh Magazine]

The Draw of Political College Towns

College campuses have a long history of breeding political discourse and social revolution, as students experiencing their first taste of social freedom begin to learn how they can affect change.. A number of college towns welcome and foster these environments, where left- and right-leaning students and teachers come together to learn, debate, and contribute to the political climate of the area. These ten cities have emerged as hotbeds of student political activity. [Campus Corner]

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