Cambridge U. Students Know How To Party

Education chiefs were “horrified” as girls were snapped on their hands and knees using their mouths to roll condoms on bananas hanging from boys’ trousers. The girls belong to the Newnham Nuns — a drinking society at the all-female Newnham College. [The Sun]

The Evolution of the College Dorm

Before the information superhighway, schools were built around massive libraries, like the 400-year-old Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford in Britain. Early dorms were imposing, monastic structures meant to separate students from the outside world, providing more privacy for classes and introspection. This concept of the Ivory Tower lasted for decades.  [Time]

York University Offers Unique View Of The Heavens

York University is offering everyone a look through its telescopes for two hours each week. And you don’t even have to leave home.

The live telescope feed will run on York’s special website in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy. [Ottawa Citizen]

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