Top 30 College Drop Outs Who Made It Big In Business

To celebrate us college dropouts I thought I would compile a list some of the top entrepreneurs who dropped out of college and then went on to make it big in the business world! [Retire At 21]

Student In Bogus Oil, Gas Bids Faces Prosecution

The last question on the final exam in economics was timely for Tim DeChristopher. It focused on a federal auction of oil and gas leases later that same December morning in downtown Salt Lake City. DeChristopher was planning to join protesters at the auction as soon as he finished the University of Utah exam.  [NPR]

Elbows And Weed: Disturbing Trends In College Basketball

Of course, the downside of watching young hoopsters mature is that they sometimes make mistakes and those mistakes can be mind-numbingly stupid mistakes. During the second half of this season, these mistakes seem to have fallen within two categories – smoking weed (off-court) and throwing elbows (on-court). First, let’s examine the recent off-court incidents. [Examiner]

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