Troy Aikman Is Going Back To College

Troy Aikman’s passing days didn’t end when he retired from the Dallas Cowboys. The Hall of Fame quarterback says he’s passed his two final college courses and will graduate in June from UCLA—20 years after he left for the NFL. The Dallas Morning News reported Tuesday that Aikman is getting a bachelor’s degree in sociology and will participate in UCLA’s graduation ceremonies. The 42-year-old Fox Sports broadcaster says he’s “finally taking care of unfinished business.” [Yahoo]

Top 10 Movie Professors of All Time

College professors will be the first to tell you that their lives are boring. They don’t usually find themselves in critter-infested catacombs, duking it out with rabid Nazis or fighting supernatural beasts. They don’t find themselves becoming the victims of their own research, gaining superhuman powers in the process. They especially don’t find themselves in the arms of beautiful, cosmopolitan women. As a tribute to these professors we wish we had, we have put together a list of the top 10 movie college professors of all time. [Classes and Careers]

12 Must-Take College Courses

The world is changing, as so are the ways that students learning. No longer are courses only offered on traditional subject matter, and taught in traditional methods. Predominately, humanity courses are on the forefront of using innovative methods and unorthodox subject matter to reach their students. The result has been the development of some rather unique and interesting college courses, which can be found in leading universities around the world. Following is a list of the 12 quirkiest college classes currently being offered in today’s universities. [Online Classes]

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