VALentine’s Day Advice with TNA’s So Cal Val

Valentine’s Day is coming up. And whether you love it or it hate it, it is an important holiday for women around the world. But some guys don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day and screwing it up could ruin your relationship forever. So what should we do? Luckily, TNA’s SoCal Val (Valerie Wyndam) from Spike TV’s iMPACT is here to tell you how to have a perfect Valentine’s Day.

How important is Valentine’s Day to you?

Very! I think it’s a wonderful holiday. I love any excuse to be extra affectionate and dress up for an occasion.

Has a boyfriend ever forgotten Valentine’s Day?

No. If they did they’d never hear the end of it!

What’s a good Valentine’s Day date for you?

Any day I can be pampered, go out for a fancy meal and be reminded I’m still special to the one I love is a good day. I think it’s cute to know he’s tried to impress me and put my wants before his.

Also, what’s a bad one?

Perhaps one without originality. Or if anything feels forced. That’s a deal breaker!

What do you think are common misconceptions about Valentine’s Day?

That you can’t celebrate if you’re single. Love yourself!

Say you’re single on Valentines Day, but decide to go out to a bar, anyway. How do you like being approached?

Anything genuine or funny. I would hope the guy wouldn’t make any jokes about being alone on Valentine’s day. Its probably already on everyone’s mind, we don’t need a reminder!

What is the worst Valentine’s Day present you ever received?

Thankfully, I haven’t had a bad one. I even loved the silly paper Valentines I got as a kid in school. With the candy hearts. Adorable!

What are bad Valentine’s Day presents?

Anything practical. A gift should be something you wouldn’t get for yourself. Maybe a bit frivolous.

What kind of gifts do you like to receive on Valentine’s Day?

I’m a classic girl, I love jewelry. You can never go wrong with a lovely watch, bracelet or necklace. Even a sexy anklet! It’s a nice reminder to see that piece of jewelry year round and remember the day it was given to you. I also love flowers. Cliche? You bet! But always appreciated.

What’s your advice for guys who don’t know what to do for their girl on Valentine’s Day?

Ask one of their female friends for tips. Make sure whatever you do is thoughtful and don’t go overboard.

What would you describe as going overboard?

Doing anything too grand that it becomes impersonal. Or anything in public could wind up embarrassing. I hate those big screen messages at sporting events. So overdone!

Say your guy is on a budget, what can he do to make you happy without spending too much money?

Even a hand-made gift can be special if you’ve put enough thought into it. Like a CD of songs you know she loves.

If your boyfriend, for some reason or another, screws up Valentine’s Day is that the end of the relationship?

Everyone deserves a second chance. Forgetting a holiday isn’t the end of the world if the guy is really truly sorry.

Is there any advice you want to give single guys that you haven’t mentioned yet? How about guys in a relationship?

Just be yourself and never forget who you are no matter how long you’ve been with someone. Change for no one!

How about your fans?

I’d say the same.

So Cal Val has many upcoming projects. She will be writing a fashion advice column for, a spread for FSM Magazine, advertisements for the first person shooter, FEAR 2 as an Armacham Fear Away nurse, and of course on TNA iMPACT every Thursday night on Spike TV. Also be sure to check her myspace at and for upcoming projects and appearances. Finally, we thank Val for taking the time to talk to us about Valentine’s Day.

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