Duke Lacrosse Players Still Partyin’

It feels like it’s been forever since the whole Duke Lacrosse ordeal.  And don’t get me wrong.  I feel bad for the kids that got involved with that mess. However, I will say this.  For anyone to think that Lacrosse players don’t drink a hell of a lot and party their asses off, then you must surely be mistaken. [Uncoached]


BC Basketball Fans Get Ripped

As everybody knows by now BC had a huge victory last night against the Dukies and naturally the Superfans stormed the court.  Now this is the type of shit that drives me wild about BC.   No, it’s not that they rushed the court.   It’s the fact that just a week ago Conte Forum was half empty for a primetime game against Clemson.   How can the place be so dead one week and so alive the next? [Barstool Sports]


USC Song Girls Filming Reality Series?

It’s been quite silent on the USC Song Girl front due to it being basketball season and there is a new crop of lovelies who have been on the job for just a few weeks. It also seems the women (at least three) have been busy working in the reality TV industry while juggling classes, hour-long makeup sesssions, Shopping Saturdays ®, washing the BMW and figuring out which parties Andrew Bynum will attend. [Busted Coverage]

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