Guide To Getting Straight A’s in College…with Minimal Effort

Every year millions of bright college students waltz into classes assuming they’ll ace it just like they did in high school. Sadly, the majority of them are wrong, leading to countless hissy fits, sob sessions, and complaints. This isn’t good for students or teachers, so to help everyone out I’ve decided to explain exactly how to get straight A’s in college. It doesn’t require much more work than high school, but it’s a different game and you need to learn the new rules. []

Two Professors Theorize On Bin Laden Hideout

After all these years, where is Osama bin Laden? Two college geography professors think they know. Professors Thomas Gillespie and John Agnew of the University of California at Los Angeles use satellite-imagery analysis and elaborate geographic methods to theorize that bin Laden is in the city of Parachinar in the mountains of northwestern Pakistan. [primenewscenter]

How to Land a Job Abroad After Graduation

Always dreamed of traveling the world?  While this may seem like an unrealistic fantasy your senior year when faced with the immediate reality of low entry-level salaries and expensive college loans to repay, it could actually be a more attainable dream than you think.  All it takes is a little creativity, some planning, and a lot of determination on your part. Working abroad right out of college has many advantages.  It can put your career on the fast-track, it can teach you invaluable cultural nuances and give you the opportunity to become fluent in another language, it can overshadow lack of prior job experience or a less-than-stellar GPA on your resume, or it could be the perfect unique experience to make your application for the graduate school of your dreams stand out. [collegeknowitall]

ACC Tourney Tix Unsold For 1st Time In 42 Years
ACC Tourney Tix Unsold For 1st Time In 42 Years