Breakdown of Typical College Student Life

Although most of you would love to fall into the “nerd” category lets be serious…90% of us are zombies, at least according to this illustration by GraphJam.

Click to check out the Breakdown of Typical College Student Life at GraphJam

Inside The NFL Combine Player Goodie Bags

The NFL Combine starts today in Indy, and for those who think the combine is just some offseason wankfest for diehard football fans would do well to realize that four or five little tests at this thing can either atone for or nullify a player’s entire body of work on the field. But now with Under Armour as the presenting sponsor for this year’s combine, each player invited will be getting a batch of UA gear with a retail value of about $900. [With Leather]

6 Sites for Study Abroad Programs

Participating in a study abroad program is a key activity that can enhance your college years. FindingDulcinea recommends some of the best online resources for learning more about study abroad programs. Use the links below to find a program that’s right for you. [Finding Dulcinea]

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