The 5 Lamest Drinking Games

As long as there has been drinking there has also been drinking games. I’m sure the ancient Egyptians played quarters when chugging their ancient beer. The goal off the drinking game is to get sh!t-faced. Some drinking games are great while others are just plain lame. Here are the lamest:

1. Beer Hunter

All you need for this moronic game is a six-pack of beer, a box, and people who like drinking. Take one can. Shake it. Then put the can in the box with the others cans. Mix them around. One person picks a can, holds it to their head at an angle, and opens it. If it’s not the shaken can, then they drink it. If it is the can, they get a head full of wet beer. A game so stupid only a drunk could have invented it.

2. Buffalo

For some reason this drinking game is very popular in Iceland. Everybody must use their left hand while drinking. (Except if you are left handed). If you see anyone drinking with the right hand, you shout, “BUFFALO! BUFFALO! BUFFALO!” Then you bang on the table and everybody joins in. The drinker must finish their beer to make everyone stop. Lame! Lame! Lame!

3. Boat Races

Everybody divides into two even teams. Each team lines up opposite each other. Fill each glass full of beer and place it in front of each player. The first players on each team start the game by drinking all of their beer, then setting their glass back on the table. Then the next person drinks his beer, and so on. The first team to place their last empty glass on the table wins. No what they win? Nothing – because this game is moronic!

4. Beat the Barman

The player approaches the bar and orders a shot. He then pays with a large bill. ($20 for a $5 shot.)As the barman goes to get the change, the player must finish their shot. When the barman returns with the change, go back to step number 1.The game ends when:

The drinker falls over.

The barman punches drinker’s lights out.

Drinker gets thrown out.

The bar closes.

5. Edward Forty-Hands

Have your friends duct tape 40-ouncers to BOTH of their hands. The first one to finish their beer wins. The catch is, after you finish both large bottles you have find a way to pee with the 40-ouncers still duct taped to your hands. Dumb and dumber.

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