The 7 Sexiest Terry Richardson Celebrity Photo Shoots

No photographer today is more sought after (or more copied) than dirty son-of-a-bitch, Terry Richardson. His instantly recognizable, blown-out, gritty-realistic style, which artfully melds high fashion and porn into a vicious sexual concoction, has gone from hipster obscurity to gracing the pages of the biggest magazines in existence. And he’s shot everyone from no-name party-goers, to porn stars to F’ing President Barack Obama. So, here are our picks for the 7 Sexiest Terry Richardson Celebrity Photo Shoots. 

Megan Fox

Once again, Megan Fox makes the list – but she sure as hell deserves it.  Combine Megan Fox’s word-class hottness with Richardson’s gritty, intimate style,  and the result is a sexual tsunami capable of knocking down entire villages with lust. So, you know, watch the f**k out.

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Blake Lively and Leighton Meester

Gossip Girls stars, the bodacious Blake Lively and lovely Leighton Meester, are hands down two of Hollywood’s hottest newcomers. But after this recent Richardson shoot for Rolling Stone, they’re a g*ddamn inferno of sexiness. Licking ice cream together, holding hands, sucking on each other’s thumbs – c’mon, Terry! What are you trying to do, kill us with horniness?

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Stephanie Seymour

It’s impossible to make Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Stephanie Seymour look bad. But making her look as good as she looks in this Sisley Fall/Winter 2007 shoot takes some serious photographic genius. But still, we couldn’t decide between this one and the Richardson-Seymour shoot for French magazine, Purple – so we threw that one in there, too. You don’t mind, do you?

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Pam Anderson

There’s no question – Pamela Anderson is the quintessential sex icon of our day. Sure, she’s a bit past her prime. But so what? Most of us look uglier than one of her stretch marks, on a good day – so shut the f**k up. Anyway… this photo shoot for Radar magazine still stands as one of the hottest Pamela shoots of all time. So hot that Richardson copied himself a bit for the Megan Fox shoot, don’t you think?…

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Jessica Alba

As if Jessica Alba needed any help being hotter, Richardson’s style brings out a nitty gritty hot we didn’t even know Alba had in her for this GQ spread. It’s as though they shot this one after a 36-hour coke binge, right before having an orgy. Which is definitely NOT a bad thing…

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Josie Maran

In this audacious advertising campaign for Sisley clothing’s 2001 Fall/Winter line, Richardson brings out the dirty in super sexy Sports Illustrated supermodel, Josie Maran. From raunchy romps in the hay to a milk utter money shot, this is by far the nastiest shoot this side of SFW.

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Odette Yustman

No other up-and-coming actress has us here at COED more amped than horror-flick hottie, Odette Yustman. So you can only imagine our excitement (please, don’t) at these Richardson-GQ masterpieces. It’s got everything a guy needs to be happy: bad ass car, sopping wet Odette Yustman wearing skimpy shorts and tight-ass pants. Yep, that’s all we need.

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  4. Odette Yustman is such a hottie! I fell in love wiyh her when she was on October Road.

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