TIME Magazine Calls For Legalization of Marijuana

Since President Obama announced he would stop all medial marijuana raids there has been more marijuana coverage in the news than any of us can handle.

A few weeks ago, the White House decided to stage a forum in which the President would answer questions submitted by the public; 92,000 people responded — and most of them seemed obsessed with the legalization of marijuana.

Sensing that the issue has reached a boiling point TIME magazine has decided that it is best for the country to legalize the drug saying “a national conversation has quietly begun about the irrationality of our drug laws.”

Read more about why TIME thinks Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense

3 thoughts on “TIME Magazine Calls For Legalization of Marijuana”

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  3. it's about TIME. we as a nation are way past the point for the legalization of marijuana. i have no problem paying a tax on marijuana so i can purchase it legally. it should taxed like tabacco and alcohol. DUI laws could also be in effect.

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