COED Field Trip: The Mets New Stadium, Citi Field

On Friday COED took a little field trip to Queens, New York.

Why the eff were you in Queens you ask? Dealing drugs? Gang banging? Ghost riding the whip? Of course not, we went to check out the Red Sox vs Mets game which just happened to be the first game at the Mets’ new stadium, Citi Field.

The seats were great, nine rows behind the dugout which allowed me to snap some pictures and learn a few things about the teams on the field and the new stadium itself.

Here’s what I learned:

– David Ortiz is an emo meathead. After he watched strikes one, two and three go by and I caught him in an emo moment during his walk of shame back to the dugout. It was a more solomn emo moment then the time Wally caught him cheating on the Red Sox with the Yankees, “Wally…Wally, it’s not what you think.”

– The Sox sportscaster Heidi Watney is just as hot in person as she is on the internet. Made me wonder, is it stalking when you take pictures of a person from a distance with a telephoto lens?

– The lines at Citi Field are insanely long. This guy waited in line for 30 minutes for a beer and I actually heard him say, “F–k that noise, I’m out of here” and walked away.

– The Mets t-shirt girls are smoking hot, just one more reason why the new stadium rocks.

– The Mets organization think their fans are actually going to miss Shea Stadium, very unlikely. I’m not sure why they would give that dump the honor of having it’s name retired alongside Jackie Robinson.

Check out all the pictures from last night’s opening of Citi Field here!

360 Degree View of The New Yankee Stadium
360 Degree View of The New Yankee Stadium