Weekend Warrior: New Orleans

There are a billion things to do in New Orleans. There are a billion sounds, tastes, and sights. But if you only have a weekend in New Orleans, like I did, you’re going to want to make sure you’re seeing things that will really top your list. I can only speak for myself, but if you’re clueless about how to spend your weekend in New Orleans, I’d highly recommend the following–all things I did myself. Note: If you have some other helpful suggestions of what to do and see in New Orleans over a weekend visit, leave them in a comment on here for our readers!

1. Eat well at G.W. Fins and Luke.
New Orleans is a food town, fair and square. That probably explains how I had two of my best meals EVER while in New Orleans. For seafood, go to G.W. Fins. Conveniently located in the French Quarter, the fine-dining experience is one that is worth it. From sizzling oysters to lobster dumplings to Chilean sea bass and raspberry lemonade martinis from the bar, G.W. Fins does everything they do with style and perfection. Just a few blocks outside of the quarter is John Besh’s restaurant, Luke. Luke tops my list for standard American food with a creole, elegant twist. They do pates like no one else, make their own mustard, serve pickled watermelon, have the most delicious french fries and the best part of all? They have their own farm in La Providence and grow and raise much of their fruits, vegetables, and livestock themselves.

2. Get some beers at Molly’s.
Molly’s a cool spot in the French Quarter with a selection of beer so vast that it’s difficult to decide what to drink. Rich murals decorate the walls in the back near the bathroom and boisterous conversations infiltrate the rock ‘n’ roll dive bar. It’s reasonably priced, fun, and in the heart of it all.

3. Catch a show at One Eyed Jacks.
I was lucky enough to have a friend playing at One Eyed Jacks the weekend I was in town and it was an absolute pleasure to attend the show and explore the club. Chandeliers decorate this club alongside velvety red accents on the wallpaper. Up and coming bands are always staged at this venue in New Orleans and you can usually find tickets for under $20. Even if you aren’t familiar with the live music playing the night you’re in town, I’d recommend you check out the scene anyway and get a taste for New Orleans indie-music lovers in their own element.

4. Get breakfast at Tout de Suite.
A short and free ferry ride across the river will land you in the Algiers Point section of New Orleans where you can walk just a few blocks to Tout de Suite: the most perfect place for breakfast. No matter what you order, it’s cheap, delicious, and well-presented. Or, if you’d rather stay on the other side of the river, take the opportunity to explore the famous Brennan’s restaurant for breakfast.

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