How To Have Your Own Comedian Catchphrase

Great funnymen have great catchphrases. All the legendary comedians have that one classic line which ingrains itself into the recesses of mind, plopping into the annals of pop-culture.

A successful catchphrase brings a snicker the recipient’s lips by association, humorously reminding the listener of the comedic source referenced, and in turn making the proclaimer funny as well! Here’s a little catchphrase transit theory that will help make this concept clear.

Funny comedian catchphrase+you uttering it= you being funny


“Do I make you horny?” – Austin Powers

“Git R Done!” – Larry the Cable Guy

“Mission Accomplished!” – George W. Bush

“NOT!” – Wayne’s World

“Watcha’ Talkin’ About, Willis!” – Gary Coleman

Try using one of the current crop of catchphrases sprinkled within your conversations. Such gems as: “Whaaaaaaasup!”, “I got my grub-on!”, “Hella’ cool!”, Da bomb!”, or “Don’t go there, girlfriend!” will bring a smile to anyone’s face, replacing any need to be originally clever by being funny through recognition of a phrase.

Again, timing and delivery are very crucial. Be cautious with your catchphrase of choice. Greeting everyone with “23 Scadoos” might have created howls of laughter in the 1920’s, but in modern times it will only leave blank stares. The same holds true for “Your Father’s Mustache.” Conversely, referring to someone as “The Rob-a-lizer, will neither create laughs nor gain social acceptance, due to being dated, but also very annoying. The same holds true with Wayne’s World “Shwing!”

The more daring might want to consider creating your own catchphrase. Perhaps it could catch on and become so popular it even ends up on a coffee mug?! And you will be known as the “funny” catalyst behind it. Here’re a few you might want to consider:

“Wheeeeere’s the soup!”

“There’s blood in my urine, Mommy!”

“I once killed a man with these bare hands!”

“Get those beetles off me!”

“Hold me, I feel vulnerable!”

“My Eyes! I can’t see!”

“I want my puppy, NOW!”

If you can’t create your own catchphrase, simply borrow one from the archives of pop-culture. It’s wise to practice in front of a mirror before execution. Next time you burst into a room, scream “Hey-Hey-Hey,” like Fat Albert.

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