Best Late-for-Work Excuse Ever!

Meet Steve, our beloved COED editor who was extremely late for work today. His frantic excuse for why he’d woken up long after the workday had already begun involved some drunken combination of an off-Broadway play, about four bars, an after party and a few steps that are still yet to be remembered – one of which resulted in him finding a card in his pocket from “Fat Annie’s Truck Stop,” with his own phone number written on it, when he finally arrived at the office. So this one’s for you, Steve. Now, just try not to puke.

What’s your best late-for-work excuse? Tell us in the comments!!

4 thoughts on “Best Late-for-Work Excuse Ever!”

  1. Everyone in the office knows this one already, but

    a bartender friend of ours had a pretty exclusive birthday party in the LUXE suite at Lucky Strike in Times Square. Needless to say the beers and shots were flowing. Bowling and a big screen projector above the lanes. I left the bar at 2:30, the next thing I remember its 7:30 am and I'm walking home minus my bag which had my laptop, books, and clothes because I went straight to the party after work. My excuse, irresponsibility.

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