Why College Seniors Without Jobs Are Better Off Than Most

A much smaller number of the college graduates this year will find jobs. That fact has been over examined in the press along with the fact that the long recession means that those graduates who do find jobs will get them at relatively low wages. Furthermore, those wages will stay low for the next several years while the economy recovers.

What has not received much press is the fate of the young people who are in the 2009 graduating class at U.S. high schools, especially those students who will not go on to college. Unemployment among college graduates is still below 5%. Unemployment among people who have only graduated from high school and have no additional training is over 10%. People who did not graduate from high school at all have greater than a 15% chance to be among the jobless.

Check out why college seniors should feel hopeless.

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  1. Gee, a major news outlet like Time FINALLY questions how the magical stimulus of working on roads and bridges is actually going to put experienced workers and college graduates into paying jobs? One can only hope that other media outlets may actually recognize this connection and begin to question the foolishness of stimulus as a whole. It didn’t work under Bush and yet Obama does it, claiming at the same time Bush’s policies all failed?

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