The World’s Largest Bodypaint Soccer Babe Bonanza

Soccer fans, rejoice! Today Manchester United battled against FC Barcelona in the 2009 Champion’s League Final – the Super Bowl of European football. (Actually, it’s probably bigger than the Super Bowl.) After a heated head-to-head in Rome, FC Barcelona prevailed over Man U with a score of 2 to 0. But no matter who you routed for, it’s time to celebrate this awesome day in soccer history, so we’ve put together the world’s largest collection of bodypainted soccer babes! We’re talking hundreds of sexy pictures, and not a lick of real clothing on a single chick. Now, most of these girls are decked out in national team uniforms, but that just makes sure we don’t leave anybody out.

[cmggallery id=”78641″]

46 thoughts on “The World’s Largest Bodypaint Soccer Babe Bonanza”

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  29. Christ, where did they find the girl for England? She looks like she was bred for war by ancient vikings, caught naked one winter in a freak snow storm, thawed out, painted and pictured… lucky I'm not focusing too much on the face, mind.

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