41 Freakishly-Long-Tongue Girls

When you think of girls’ tongues, the first thought that comes to mind is probably extremely NSFW. (At least it is in our filth-riddled brains.) So when we came across these pictures of hot chicks with freakishly long tongues – we’re talking up to twice as long as the average human tongue – the sexy possibilities seemed endless. But now we can’t decide if it’s freakin’ hot or just freaky. Why don’t you take a look and decide for yourself.

(Click thumb to view full image)

35 thoughts on “41 Freakishly-Long-Tongue Girls”

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  2. all my homies had come up with the fact that all the girls up on the pic list are all the childern of rock super star gene simmons.


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  12. Yeah! most of those tounges belong to Heidi From the Frost Heidi and Frank Show. I'd like to lay something on it!

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  24. awsome!!! how can i get my tounge that long? what did they do? let me know. i'll send pics.


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  26. Many of these long tongue girls are taken from my website. I own the copyright on 6 of these images, in fact. I am the undisputed tongue fetish king since 2001.
    The main image is my top model, Angelfire. And celine, cameron, kaylynn, Jenny .. a few others are my models, too. My photos ! http://www.tonguefetish.net
    I hate that you people think you can just take what ever images you want without asking permission.

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