Tosh.0 Makes the Internet His B*tch

Let’s face it – we’re addicted. Every single one of us. We’re addicted to ‘tweets’ and ‘blogs’ and cute f**king kittens. We’re addicted to staying in touch with everyone we’ve ever met (and plenty of people we’ve never met), to talking sh*t anonymously to strangers and laughing at other’s misfortune. And it’s high time somebody show this every-growing monstrosity called the Internet who’s the g*ddamn boss! Which is where Tosh.0 comes in.

Comedian Daniel Tosh, the newly-found hero of the digital age, is “taking the Internet to task” in his new show on Comedy Central, Tosh.0. The show, which premiers Thursday, June 4 at 10PM (EST), aims to take shots at online’s worst, as well as highlighting the best of the best. This apparently includes our good friend,

So, Tosh, after this verbal HJ, how ’bout returning the love?


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He Fought the Law and the Law Lost [Video]