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Last night, nine of my friends and I took advantage of, the website that is giving away 10,000 hours of free hour-long open bars in NYC.

I selected the Wednesday, 8 p.m. open bar at SideBar on E. 15th St. We arrived at 30 minutes before the open bar kicked off, and our hottie waitress, Sam checked us in. It was a very smooth process – she took out a clipboard and gave each of us a wristband as she crossed off our names.

Eight o’clock rolled around, and we all immediately took advantage of the free drinks. The special included well drinks and Bud Light. I was a little skeptical going into the whole thing, asking myself “Free drinks? This sounds too good to be true.” But  it all went down as advertised, free – no gimmicks. Even though they weren’t using Grey Goose to make the vodka tonics, the drinks were strong and did the job.

THE CROWD: Early to mid-twenties, full but not overwhelmingly packed, the guy to good-looking girl ratio was very promising and it seemed as if everyone was looking to have a good time. Real World: Austin alumni Johanna Botta even made a low key appearance with a group of friends.

TIPS: If you choose SideBar, make sure to get there a few minutes early –  and set-up shop at the back bar, this is where you’ll have the best opportunity to meet cool people and get drinks without a long wait. And remember this open bar trick: order two drinks at a time, and stash a couple along the railing, so when the open bar ends you can still drink for free.

SIGNING UP: It’s an extremely easy five-minute process.

• Visit the website,
• Select your venue – choose from Village Pourhouse on 3rd Ave., SideBar, Village Pourhouse on Amsterdam Ave., and Southern Hospitality.
• Pick a date and time.
• Invite 10 friends.
• Show up and have a good time.

Testing 5-Hour Energy… Kinda
Testing 5-Hour Energy… Kinda